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September 15th. – 16th. 2022

On September 15-16, 2022, Sonic College will host Sonic Days for the first time. It will be two days of exciting panel debates, case studies and not least an obvious opportunity to meet colleagues from the industry.

The goal is to attract guests from the nordic sound industry. In collaboration with manufacturers and suppliers, we want to create a program where some of the smartest people in the industry share their knowledge through inspiring panel debates and case studies. In addition to this, there will be presentations of products and technologies.

This is also a great opportunity to see the new facilities at Sonic College. The new Campus located centrally in Kolding, Denmark, has perhaps the best facilities for a sound design education in the world.

There will be different themes highlighted during the two days. Below you will find descriptions of the content. The detailed program will be made public in early August. Save the dates! You dont want to miss this.

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Themes for the conference


Thursday 15th

What is the future of podcast? 

Podcast is on of the hottes format in media production at the moment. And is all sound.

There will be debates about the future of podcasting, and we will also use the podcast format theme as out platform for discussing the gender distribution in the sound industry.

There will be presentation from some of the brightest talents in the industry. And some of the experienced professionals will share their knowledge on the subject.

Game Audio

Thursday 15th

What is the future of immersive game audio?

With a strong team of sound designers from the gaming industry, we will be debating how immersive sound is going to affect the sound of games.

There will be inspiring keynotes and in-depth case studies presentet to you i opperation with some af the biggest scandinavian game studios.

In addition there will be presentations of new technologies, and different types of workshops.

Immersive Sound for Film & TV

Thursday 15th

What can immersive sound do to you storytelling?

In this theme we are focusing on sound for Film & TV. Immersive Sound is everywhere, but what can i do for your storytelling.

In a combination of debates and presentations, we hope show everybody what is possible with immersive sound for film & TV

Studio Design & Monitor Calibration

Friday 16th

Do we need to calibrate our studios? 

With this theme, we want to focus on what different types of monitor calibration can do for critical listening. In a debate between representatives of different technologies and experts, we want to discuss studio design and monitor calibration.

Immersive Music

Friday 16th

Do we need immersive music? 

We gather professionals from the industry, and debate why we need immersive music. In addition, there will be exciting case studies where different immersive productions are presented. There will be plenty of opportunities to listen to immersive music in some of the new Dolby Atmos studios at Sonic College.

Sound Art

Friday 16th

What is sound art, and how do we ensure that we get more in the future?

Hopefully – You get the answer to this question for Sonic Days 2022.

We gather sound artists from Scandinavia and put them together with the decision-makers who are responsible for curating art.

There will be presentations of sound art works and various presentations of technology that can simplify some of the challenges that can be associated with creating sound art.

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If you have any questions regarding this event, or if you want to be a part of the program. Please contact us

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