Jacob Navne

Age 33, B.sc.E with a major in software / DSP and acoustics. CEO of SGAudio Aps and Ltd.

Self employed since 1999 as freelance sound engineer, with both national and international artist in and out of Denmark - to mention a few: Saybia, Swan Lee, King Diamon, Mads Langer, Burhan G.

Started developing the ground breaking sound level measurement solution called 10EaZy in 2005, a system that since then has gained widespread acceptance within the industry and has become the default for measurements at live events in many countries in the EU.
Is engaged as consultant for a number of festivals in terms of noise and legislation relating to this, among others the Roskilde Festival.

Employed at VEGA - largest music club in northern Europe -  since 2007 as production and technical manager, taking care of all audio / lights and IT relating to the daily usage of the house and our audience, and handling a staff of + 40 people, composed of freelancers and daily maintenance crew.