Holger Lagerfeldt

My Three Tips For Making It In The Music Business

  1. Be passionate and enthusiastic - the prime ingredients in lasting success
  2. Be determined and finish what you start - don't ever give up
  3. Be honest, open and helpful - good karma will lead to new opportunities

My Teaching Methods

  • Theory - understand the principles first
  • Practical exercise - experience for yourself by performing set tasks
  • Evaluation - any questions will be answered in details
  • Elaboration - I will further explain the finer points of the subject
You can expect:
  • Professional and focused teaching
  • A high level of expertise
  • A willingness to answer any relevant questions
  • A compendium and data/audio files for each subject
I expect:
  • Concentration and dedication
  • Note taking
  • Questions
  • That you are punctual for each lesson

Courses held by Holger Lagerfeldt at Sonic College:

I. Logic Pro and Fundamental DAW (1st semester)

  • A 32 lesson master class in one of the world's most popular sequencers
  • Exceeds the official Apple Logic Pro Master Certification course
  • Record, produce, mix and master with Logic Pro
  • Speed up your workflow and perform advanced operations
  • Master your DAW

II. Analog and Digital Equalization (2nd semester)

  • Fully understand the most important part of audio treatment
  • Each function and its practical use explained in details
  • Understand phase distortion and linear phase processing
  • Learn how to search & destroy and perform M/S equalizing
  • Fix frequency problems and enhance your audio

III. Professional Mixing Methods (2nd semester)

  • All faders up, groove-based, production-based and prioritized mixing
  • Order of processing and establishing base levels
  • Frequency balancing and spatial placement
  • Avoid mess and keep focus on the important elements
  • Make an emotional and sonic impact with your mix

IV. Dynamic Compression (2nd semester)

  • Understand the topology of the compressor
  • Each function and how it interacts with the system
  • Manipulate dynamics to increase or reduce punch
  • Limiting versus compression
  • Control and shape any sound to your liking

V. Advanced Dynamic Processing (2nd semester)

  • Serial, parallel, and sum compression
  • Internal side chain filtering and external side chain ducking
  • Creative applications of dynamic processing in the mix
  • Dynamic processing of vocals and specific instruments
  • Smoothly or radically enhance dynamics in your mix or master

VI. Advanced Mixing Workshop (2nd semester)
  • Relative phase, polarity inversion, and absolute polarity
  • Vocal production and mixing tips
  • Reverb and delay tricks
  • Industry standard mixdown guidelines
  • This course includes mixing a full song to commercial standards

VII. Mastering and Loudness (2nd semester)

  • Expansions on EQ and dynamics, including dynamic multiband processing
  • Limiting versus intentional clipping
  • Loudness, EBU R128, ISP, and audio and data integrity
  • Fades, segues and album spacing
  • Red Book Audio CD, DDP, MP3 and vinyl

VIII. Business Development (5th semester)

  • Develop your marketing skills
  • Present yourself and your qualifications to the world
  • Client relations
  • Royalties and copyrights in the music business
  • Contract negotiation strategies