Holger Lagerfeldt

My Three Tips For Making It In The Music Business

  1. Be passionate and enthusiastic
  2. Be determined and finish what you start
  3. Be honest, open and helpful - good karma will lead to new opportunities

My Teaching Methods

  • Basic theory 
  • Practical exercise
  • Evaluation and feedback
  • Elaboration on theory
You can expect:
  • Professional and focused teaching
  • A high level of expertise
  • A willingness to answer any relevant questions
  • A compendium and data/audio files for each subject
I expect:
  • Concentration and dedication
  • Note taking
  • Questions
  • That you are punctual for each lesson

Courses held by Holger Lagerfeldt at Sonic College:

I. Fundamental DAW and Logic Pro X (1st semester)

  • A detailed introduction to DAW fundamentals
  • Signal flow: routing, buses, auxes, sends, summing, and more
  • Flex time and pitch, automation, quantizing, MIDI data editing
  • Record, edit, produce, mix and master with Logic Pro X
  • Exceeds the official Apple Logic Pro Master Certification course

II. Analog and Digital Equalization (2nd semester)

  • Fully understand the most important part of audio treatment
  • Each parameter and its practical use explained in details
  • Understand minimum phase and linear phase processing
  • Learn how to search & destroy and perform M/S equalizing
  • Fix frequency problems and enhance your sound with confidence

III. Professional Mixing Methods (2nd semester)

  • All faders up, groove-based, production-based and prioritized mixing
  • Order of processing and establishing base levels
  • Frequency balancing and spatial placement
  • Avoid mess and keep focus on the important elements
  • Make an emotional and sonic impact with your mix

IV. Dynamic Compression (2nd semester)

  • Understand the topology of the compressor
  • Each function and how it interacts with the system
  • Manipulate dynamics to increase or reduce punch
  • Limiting versus compression
  • Control and shape any sound to your liking

V. Advanced Dynamic Processing (2nd semester)

  • Serial, parallel, and sum compression
  • Internal side chain filtering and external side chain ducking
  • Creative applications of dynamic processing in the mix
  • Dynamic processing of vocals and specific instruments
  • Smoothly or radically enhance dynamics in your mix or master

VI. Advanced Mixing Workshop (2nd semester)
  • Relative phase, polarity inversion, and absolute polarity
  • Vocal production and mixing tips
  • Reverb and delay tricks
  • Industry standard mixdown guidelines
  • This course includes mixing a full song to commercial standards

VII. Mastering and Loudness (2nd semester)

  • Expansions on EQ and dynamics, including dynamic multiband processing
  • Limiting versus intentional clipping
  • Loudness, EBU R128, ISPs, and audio and data integrity
  • Fades, segues and album spacing
  • Red Book Audio CD, DDP, MP3 and vinyl

VIII. Business Development (5th semester)

  • Develop your marketing skills
  • Present yourself and your qualifications to the world
  • Client relations
  • Royalties and copyrights in the music business
  • Contract negotiation strategies