Finn Markwardt


• 21-1 Media production
• 32-2 Sound in linear and non-linear media productions
• 43-1 Advanced media production (electives)
• 52-1 Composition
• 71-3 IRL (In Real Life)

7. semester
• Supervisor of bachelor thesis

Sound design is one of the most powerful factors in any production. Sound and music can manage your thoughts and direct your feelings – often without your being aware of it. To understand this magic and benefit from it in your work is probably the most important thing to master for anyone involved in sound production.

Always keep the focus on three main issues:

Hear  it – don’t tell it
Use the sound to tell the story where possible instead of using the spoken word. You’ll get direct access to your audience.

Make a choice
Always choose what should be focused on in the soundscape and what should make the background. Only when you are aware of this you can optimize the communication of sound.

Pay attention to the perception of sound
As human beings we react differently to music, sounds and the spoken word. It makes a total different experience for the audience if you swap these elements.


Production of jingles & sigtunes for radio
The good jingle sets the tone and style for the whole program. But how do you succeed in this and which methods are useful? Tips & tricks and a mixture of class lessons and practice.

Sound production and storytelling
When it comes to fiction, sound production is an extremely important factor. This course will give the students a basic understanding of how sound is best used to help telling the story. How is our perception of sound compared to our perception of pictures? We will go through the art of creating soundscapes plus editing and mixing in the context of a story.