Jens Moss Thorsen

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." - Jimi Hendrix 

I like to record and produce audio with organic sounds and samples, and combine it with the technological posibilities that the digital world has to offer. I love both to play and to produce music and can I combine these two things I am in my comfort zone. I both do my own productions and produce the work of others. As a performing artist and multi-instrumentalist I have quite a few projects in the back (including Diamond Drive, SlingShotSuck, FiveDollarKillbotWhore, Charlie Brown) but at the moment I am focusing on my own little one man company "Mossy Productions" along with several other projects. Please check out Mossy Productions on Soundcloud for sounds and music.


The audio of the following video was made for our trial-exam at the Sonic College, January 2012.
The audio is made completely with synthesis.

In the future I wanna be able to do a wide range of jobs concerning sound design and music production. At least that's the goal. I could see myself both doing some freelance music production and some company work. Sound designing computer games, producing sound for movies and post-production, developing sonic brands – all of those could be interesting jobs and by attending the Sonic College I hope to achieve the skills needed to possess any of them.