Diana Queirós

"The sound never was a poor relative of an image, but an independent life. Sometimes more vertiginous and specially more free than the picture".


During the last 5 years my relation and interest about sound has changed. As long as I remember, the small details on sounds, of our everyday life were what most captured my atention. In 2013 I graduated in Multimedia Arts, University of Oporto, Portugal. Throughout the course, I developed a great interest in sound. I focused my work in the sound of water and in its relation with the moving image, also thinking about water not as a substance but as a visual pattern. This obsessive exploration of non-visual themes pointed me, clearly, the path I should follow. I was fascinated about the details in sound that I could listen in everything, and I figured out how sound was always part of what i have done. 

Duration is the essence of sound. Sound needs time to exist, just as our ears need time to assimilate it. I understand sound as the most visceral component of action, because it can reach our body before reaching our mind.
Now, in Sonic College, I'm learning a lot and developing on my main areas of interest – sound design for movies and foley. It's being an amazing experience, where I'm getting to understand sound from its roots. I record, edit, and design sounds. 
It's fascinating how, in most of the cases, the real sound is not the right or literal sound. Therefore, as a sound designer or foley artist, you can be infinitely creative and play with the smallest details, making them exceptional.
I really enjoy and love what I do.

I'm really looking forward to work and build a lifetime career in this area. So, feel free to see my personal pages or to contact me.