Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking (Oslo)


af Tamas Stéger, Class ’14 A road to master the craft of filmmaking Following several years of making music, being radio host, and other explorations of sound’s role in my life, I realized film audio was what I’m really interested in. I actually think it’s the craft that found me, not the other way round.
The […]

A master in game design


by Allan Asp Christensen, Class ’14 After I graduated from Sonic College I had many thoughts on what I would do with my undergraduate degree in Sonic Communication. I could have taken the road of being an independent sound designer, -editor, -technician as many others would do, but I felt that I wasn’t done learning. […]

Scoring for film


After graduating from Sonic College I got accepted at a candidate education in Film Composition at Esbjerg Conservatory. The education takes place in Copenhagen as we are collaborating with The Danish Film School. Here are some of my thoughts and experiences regarding the working process …